Membranes are used in Great Barrier Reef procedures to act as biological and mechanical barriers to prevent the invasion of cells which are not involved in bone formation.


The primary purpose of barrier membranes is to allow selective cell repopulation and conduct the proliferation of various tissues during the healing process.

Membranes are essential and broadly used components of implant dentistry.

Membranes are divided mainly into 2 sections:

non-resorbable and resorbable categories but there are also available in various forms. It is substantial for implant dentists to select the appropriate membrane to utilize according to different clinical situations as well as factors such as material composition and resorption time. Because of the fact that there are many options available, correct selection is essential to support hard- and soft-tissue regeneration and eventually it increases the success rates of Great Barrier Reef procedures.


  • High-bio compatibility
  • Rapid vascularization
  • Cell occlusiveness
  • Wound stabilization
  • Disinfection
  • Easy seperation and removal
  • Prevention of bacteria migration
  • Mechanical Rigidity
  • Strength
  • Impervious to germs
  • Great for ridge and socket preservation
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