Almond Eye Aesthetics operation is used to pull the eye slightly upward to make the eye look bigger, deeper and more attractive. The most important detail here is that you are living the incompleteness every day while looking at the mirror. It is ensured that you may reach the the expression tried to be given with makeup with Almond Eye surgery.

Canthoplasty is a process that fully addresses the aesthetic perception of the eyes. The main thing is about your face and eye structure’s aesthetically appropriateness and your happiness. Particularly people with low eye structure are preferred. After a detailed examination with our experts, you may be sure what type of operation you would like to receive. It is an added value for Almond Eye Aesthetics that lifting procedure is reversible.

Since the almond eye is simply a lifting procedure, it may last about 3 to 4 years on the face. In addition, it is reversible if the patient is not pleased after the surgery.


  • Removes wrinkles around eyes
  • Gives full of happiness in front of mirrors
  • Creates a natural eyetightening effect
  • Your skin seems younger and smooth
  • Reward yourself with a charming look
  • Natural and long-lasting results
  • Changes of the eyesor facial appearance
  • Hardly noticed from the outside
  • Vigorous expression through this application
  • Perfect eyeshots
  • Quick recovery
  • No hospitalization


Almond eye operation can be performed under local or general anesthesia. This procedure lasts 1 hour averagely. On the second day after the operation, you are able to take a shower. Absorbable sutures can be used, but if non-absorbable sutures are used, in this case they must be removed within a week, so our plastic surgeon who performs will inform you about the process to select a suitable day.

Almond Eye surgery can be performed in 60 minutes by our experienced surgeons.

In the post-operative period, redness or little pain can be seen but it differs from person to person. Mostly our patient recovers in a week and turn back to their normal daily life quickly. During this recovery time, lying on your back by using double-padded pillow is recommended. Also you should keep away from chemical products during the healing time of the sutures.

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