Chin augmentation is a procedure used to eliminate volume losses in the jaw and give the jaw the intended shape. Many people who want to have an oval face and a noticeable chin can have the jaw structure they dream of by using this method.


  • More youthful appearance
  • Vibrant look
  • Intensify a weak
  • Underdeveloped chin
  • More attractive triangular shape to the jawline
  • Increase the height and width of the chin
  • Minimize the appearance of jowls
  • Extinguish double chins
  • Bring balanceto the nose and chin
  • Change the appearance of chin dimpling


Before the chin filling is done, the shape of the patient’s face should be evaluated by photographing from every angle. Then, by examining the photos, it should be ensured that structural disorders are clearly identified. Afterwards, the areas to be injected are determined and the process begins.

The chin augmentation process is applied by an injection method, and anesthesia is not used during the filling, but creams that provide local anesthesia can be used according to the patient’s requests. After anesthesia, the filling material is injected under the skin with small needles. 

This process is completed in 15-20 minutes by our professional surgeons. After the procedure, redness of the skin can rarely be seen, but after 1-2 hours they disappear quickly.

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