Bichectomy also known as triangular face operation, holywood cheek surgery, buccal fat removal, nefertiti cheek or V face operation is often used for square contoured faces and faces that contain excessive fat. Bichectomy, Buccal Fat Removal or Hollywood cheek aesthetics are actually the popular names for the operations cause Bichectomy surgery gives successful results.

The Bichectomy consists of a cosmetic surgery treatment that is based on the extraction of the bichat balls, cheek reduction also known as fat bags, making the rounded appearance of the face by bulging cheeks disappear immediately. This process is made to remove the excess amount of fat pads located 1 cm away from the cheek area within the mouth without any visible marks from the outside.

We do not advise to remove the excessive fat of the cheek before 20 years old. Unless it is an extreme case, not removing the fat before 20 is suggested cause the patient should be old enough to reach their original cheek size anatomically  and also the thickness of fat layers at this age begins to change in later years, so we recommend that patients should be mature enough to receive this operation, in addition,  the genetic characteristics of the patient are important in this procedure.


  • Slimmer and contoured facial appearance
  • High level of satisfaction
  • Reduced cheek volume
  • More prominent cheek bones
  • Smaller chin
  • More self confidence and self- esteem
  • More defined looking cheeks
  • Non painful process
  • Permanent duration
  • Simple process
  • Both suitable for men and women


Bichectomy is a super easy operation that is completed around 45 minutes by our professional surgeons under local anesthesia or general anesthesia, depending on the patient’s preference and general condition. In general, the surgeon’s experience in this field is extremely important. The remodeling of the jaw to the intended shape depends on the private personal preparation of the cheek triangle prior to the operation by our surgeon. Age, jaw and cheekbone sizes of the patient form the fundamentals of the fat amount to be collected.

After bichectomy operation, there are small sutures inside of the mouth. For this reason, liquids should be consumed on the first day after surgery. Normal food can be eaten later in the same day. You should gargle your mouth during the first three days following the surgery because the sutures in the mouth should be kept as sterile as possible. Since some of the sutures have a soft tissue, patients do not feel pain, and sometimes even the sutures inside the mouth dissolve within a few days following the bichectomy surgery, so the slight sensitivity felt in the cheek disappears in a short span of time. After most operations, people return to their daily lives quickly.

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