Cheekbone filling is a process carried out to recover collapsed cheekbones and support the cheeks lost volume as a result of aging.

Cheekbone filling process varies from person to person, it provides permanence for an average of eight to twelve months. After applying cheekbone filler, the facial muscles should not be moved too much, you should consume foods that are easy to chew and digest and you should be hydrated as much as possible, it is better if you avoid heavy sports and lying on your back is recommended.

Applying a cold compress after the surgery relieves the person and prevents possible bruises and rashes. But pregnant women who are breastfeeding, people with autoimmune diseases,  blood diluent users, people whose skin is infected or inflamed mustn’t have any operation related to filling. Additively, filling procedures can be placed into recovering scars, removing acnes, rhinoplasty, uncluttering forehead lines and wrinkles around the mouth, reshaping lips and lines between the eyebrows.


  • Raise the volume of the area around your cheekbones
  • More defined bone structure
  • Smooth out wrinkles and fine lines
  • Quick procedure
  • Explicit curves and facial features
  • Rejuvenating changes
  • Attention to grabbing eyeshots
  • Anti-aging operations
  • Eliminate deep wrinkles
  • Reverse your aging curves


Before the cheekbone filler operation, local anesthesia is used to avoid pain. After using local anesthesia, a filler with hyaluronic acid content is injected into previously determined areas with the help of needles. This operation is completed in 15-20 minutes by our professional surgeons. As a result, you will have the cheekbone shape you want for a long time as well as you will have a younger and lively appearance.

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