The term ‘‘invisible braces‘’ refers to a way of straightening teeth that uses a series of clear plastic aligners (also known as ‘trays’) to gradually move teeth into the shape of alignment. It may also called as ‘’removable braces’’, ‘’clear aligners’’ or ‘’clear braces’’.

They aren’t completely invisible but they use advanced technology which makes them barely detectable. Most people can’t spot that someone is wearing clear aligners before they explain.

Invisible braces can be considered an investment not just in your smile, but also in your oral health as well.

Transparent braces are a popular choice for professionals who worry about their appearance.

Also many brides do not prefer their wedding photos ruined by a metallic smile, so instead they choose transparent braces. Some adults and teens may also play a contact sport or a wind instrument where traditional braces are not recommended.


  • Less noticable
  • More self confidence
  • Removable
  • Does not effect daily life
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfort


Our dentist or orthodontist shall begin your treatment either by taking a mold of your teeth which can be used to create a digital scan, or by scanning your teeth directly using the latest imaging technology. This scan is used to plan your treatment step by step with the help of a computer program. So your clear aligners are created.

The 3D plan allows you to see ‘before and after’ views of your teeth before the treatment. This allows you and your dentist or orthodontist to visualize the predicted outcome of your treatment and discuss different treatment options that do not meet your expectations.

This painless process creates tiny gaps between teeth to give them space to move.

Each invisible teeth aligner is customized to fit your teeth personally and shaped to apply pressure in the right places exactly to shift them into alignment slowly.

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