Angel lip lifting surgery which known as upper lip brevity, is suitable for patients who are dissatisfied with the length of the upper lip area. When the red part of the lips appears small it causes the upper lips to look short and the lenght between the nose and the lips become shorter. In this case women wear lipstick widely from above to make their lips bigger and more visible but trying to make the lips obvious by over-filling is temporary and will not solve the problem exactly.

The upper lip refers to the area between the base of the columella (the middle column of the nose) and the reddish-pinkish spot of the lip. However, this distance may vary depending on the facial contours of people and the size of their face. Lip lifting surgery is performed to create an angel wing effect on the lips by reducing the distance in this area.


  • The nose-lips distance becomes shorter
  • The vermilion line is pulled up
  • The red line of the upper lip is elongated
  • The proportion of upper lip and lower lip is changed
  • Lips change your facial features and make you more attractive
  • Sexier lips
  • Noticeable colours on your lips
  • Enhanced beauty
  • Distinct teeth
  • Balanced facial features


Lip Lift operation application is extremely easy. The length between the nose and the upper lip is shortened by removing a strip of skin and tissue. After removing the excess skin, the incision section is stitched together. The incision section is closed in layers and the sutures necessary to provide sufficient force for the lips are placed under the skin. After placing deep stitches under the skin, the skin edges are aligned with a careful work and the incision is made invisibly. Reshaping the Cupid’s bow by lip lifting, the distance between the upper lip and the lower nose is readjusted.

This operation is performed in 45 minutes by our professional surgeons.

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